Round Laminated Bearing Pad – Standard and Sliding Type

Round laminated bearing pad is one of the most important shape laminated bearing pad. Standard round laminated bearing pad is made of chloroprene rubber (CR) or natural rubber (NR). The chloroprene rubber laminated bearing bed is suitable for -25 °C to 60 °C. The natural rubber laminated bearing pad, which is also called cold resistant bearing pad can be used in -40 °C to 60 °C.

Structure of round laminated bearing pad

Round laminated bearing pad has similar structure with rectangular laminated bearing pad. It is made of NR or CR rubbers with several steel plate inserted. The rubber and steel plate are inserted, glued and vulcanized together for stable and even bearing load and tensile strength. Except that, we can supply the round elastomeric bearing pad, which is made of all rubber without reinforced plate.

A elastomeric bearing pad on the white background and we can see the inner structure clearly.

RBP-01: Round elastomeric bearing pad without inserted plates.

A round laminated bearing pad and we can see inserted steel plates clearly.

RBP-02: Round laminated bearing pad with inserted plates.

A top view and a profile map of round bearing pad.

RBP-03: Round bearing pad profile.

A round laminated bearing pad is cut into two parts with a triangle part on the top.

RBP-04: Round laminated bearing pad inner structure.

In some applications, which need sliding for shock reduction. We can supply the sliding round laminated bearing pad for you. Sliding round laminated bearing pad, also called PTFE round laminated bearing pad, it is composed of rubbers, steel plates and PTFE board. 2 mm to 3 mm PTFE board are added onto the round laminated bearing pad to form the PTFE bearing pad.

A drawing of structure of round PTFE bearing pad.

RBP-05: Round PTFE laminated bearing pad inner structure drawing.

A round PTFE laminated bearing pad is divided into two parts and shows the white PTFE board.

RBP-06: PTFE board supplies smooth and sliding surface for horizontal deflection.

Specifications of round laminated bearing pad

  • Material: chloroprene rubber (CR) and natural rubber (NR).
  • Diameter: 150–1050 mm.
  • Thickness: 30–230 mm.
  • Steel plate quantity: 2-5.

Table 1: Common Specifications of Round Laminated Bearing Pad

Item Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm)
RBPS-01 150 30
RBPS-02 225 55
RBPS-03 300 70
RBPS-04 450 96
RBPS-05 750 148
RBPS-06 1050 230


  • Simple structure.
  • High loading capacity.
  • Easy installation. It can be installed in any direction.
  • Even prestress.
  • Good elasticity.
  • Excellent shock absorption performance.


  • Round laminated bearing pad is commonly used in the applications where the inclination is larger than 10°.
  • It is widely used in the curved bridge, skew bridge and column pier bridge.
Several workers are installing the round laminated bearing pad on the bridge.

RBP-07: Round laminated bearing pad in bridge construction.

Several round laminated bearing pads on the square stone.

RBP-08: Round laminated bearing pad is easy installation in any direction.

A skew bridge are installed on the river and several lotus in the river.

RBP-09: Round bearing pad is suitable for skew bridge.

Several cars are driving on the curved bridge.

RBP-10: Round bearing pad is suitable for curved bridge.