Professional Bearing Pads Manufacturer & Exporter

More than twenty years of manufacturing experience, Hengshui JingTong Rubber Co., Ltd. is a specialist for manufacturing and exporting bridge bearing pad. We provide international standard bearing pads to meet your needs. There are laminated bearing pad, Lead rubber bearing, pot bearing, spherical bridge bearing and high damping rubber bearing. The excellent isolation effect and reliability of our bearing pads have been globally verified and examined by several actual cases. We are very glad to provide you the best quality and economical products.

Why us?

Advanced and Sufficient equipment

More than 100 sets of most advanced equipment in our workshop ensure timely delivery time for large orders. Additional, it can ensure standardized production, which accord with international standard.

Several vulcanization machines are placed in the workshop.

Experienced and skilled worker team

Equipped with professional production skills and several years experience, our worker team can improve production efficiency and reduce production losses for cost reduction.

Two workers are operating the production machine.

Multiple models for completed products

We have almost all of standard bearing pad models to produce standard bearing pads, including pot bearing, laminated bearing pad, spherical bridge bearing, high damping rubber bearing and lead rubber bearings.

Combination of laminated bearing pad, pot bearing, high damping bearing and lead rubber bearing.

Perfect Package & Timely delivery

All the products are inspected before loading, then they will be perfectly packed. Then our skilled loading team will operate the forklift and other equipment for easy and fast loading.

A forklift is carrying laminated bearing pads into container.

Professional sales team

Full knowledge of bearing pad products, good spoken and written English and excellent communication skills can offer you the best solutions to your questions. You can ask for recommendation, customized service and any other information you want from them.

Several sales representatives put them hands together.