Completed bearing pads – Structural and seismic isolator

Laminated Rubber Bearing

Laminated rubber bearings with reinforced steel plate inserted can bearing heavy load, rotation and displacement in right or curved bridge construction.

A round laminated bearing pad is cut into two parts with a triangle part on the top.

Round Laminated Bearing Pad

Round laminated bearing pads with even prestress and easy installation performance for curved, pier and skew bridges.

Two round and two rectangular PTFE lamianted bearing pads on gray background.

PTFE Bearing Pad

PTFE bearing pad is widely used for sliding bearing, expansion accommodation, and displacement capacity improvement with excellent shear deformation.

A rectangular laminated bearing pad is cut into two parts with a triangle part on the top.

Rectangular Laminated Bearing Pad

Rectangular laminated bearing pads with or without PTFE bearing pads are ideal for right bridge and roads for bear heavy load and extend bridge life.

A profile map of fixed type spherical bridge bearing.

Spherical Bridge Bearings

Spherical bridge bearings with fixed, guided and free sliding types are widely used in the complex bridges and buildings for reinforcement and stability.

A sectional structure of HDR (Ⅰ) HDR rubber bearing.

High Damping Rubber Bearing

High damping rubber bearing is widely used in quake-prone ares for protecting bridges and building from damage and destroying.

A rectangular lead rubber bearing with yellow steel plate on the white background.

Lead Rubber Bearing

Lead rubber bearing with lead plug structure can absorb energy dissipation and reduce vibration and protect buildings and bridges from earthquake damage.

One free sliding bearing diagram help us know its internal structure clearly.

Pot Bearing

Pot bearing is a new type bridge bearing that can achieve the effect of large displacement, large load capacity and flexible rotation in the highway or bridge.