A long bridge and a standard pot bearings.
A bearing pad workshop with several advanced equipment.
A curved bridges above the river.

Bearing Pads – Focus on Bridges and Structures Stability

We are the leading bearing pad manufacture company. Our mission is to solve all bridges and structures stability problems for our customers. Main products including laminated rubber bearing, spherical bridge bearing, lead rubber bearing, high damping rubber bearing and pot bearing. Large horizontal displacement, excellent shear deformation, multi-direction movement and rotation performance can protect your buildings and bridges stable even in the violent earthquake. Completed standardized products and customized service satisfy all your requirements.


Main Products

Bearing pad is a good choice for your bridges, you can contact us at sales@bearing-pad.com to learn more details about our products.

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Company Profile

Office building and workshop of our company.

Hengshui JingTong Rubber Co., Ltd.

We are professional manufacturer and exporter of bearing pad. Based in Hengshui city and occupies more than 3000 square meter areas for large and tidy workshops. We have more than 50 sets of bearing pad production equipment for standard and accurate production according to industrial and international standards. More than 1000 skilled workers ensures efficient production and low production loss. Strict inspection system during and before loading ensures our superior quality. Experienced development and research development can produce standardized and customized products to suit more customers’ requirements. Our products are widely praised by our customers from all over world. We are willing to supply and customize your own bearing pad products.

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  • 1.Advanced equipment and skilled workers can ensure the accurate and standard production. Sufficient equipment can satisfy large orders.

  • 2.Strict inspections during production and before loading can ensure all the products our customers received are qualified and good condition.

  • 3.Tidy and clean warehouse can store large quantities of standard bearing pads for emergent orders and timely delivery.